There are some things that you know right away you want to do alone or together. However, sometimes there can be situations where you could actually go either way. One of those thing is the debate between competing against your self during a game or a race, or competing against people other than yourself.  Not sure which is better?  Take a look and see how they compare.

Solo racing

            Solo racing is when you are racing by yourself with no real-life friends or online friends playing with you.  The goal is to simply race your best with no competition other than, perhaps, AI as the other player, if needed.  Some advantages include:

  • Compete with yourself: The experts in competitive sports tell us that there is no better competition — nor is there one more important — than yourself. You might win or lose against other players, but if you successfully beat your best ever time from another race, or you earn a higher score than last time, etc, it’s thought that it’s more important than simply beating another competitor!

  • Focus on technique and skills: When you are focused more on the quality of your performance, you can advance your techniques and simply become better at the game that you are playing. You can time your game by advancing your games as if you were playing with others. When it comes to making sure that you are always advancing and working to better yourself, you are the best competition! This is common with professional gamers.

Team racing

            In this case, you would be playing either online with friends or in-person with friends in the same room. This could be playing on the same team or playing in sports competition with them, depending on your approach.

  • Friendly sports competition between friends: Competing with friends can be fun and very entertaining, especially if you are into the (fun) trash-talking and other social features. It can be a great way to really enjoy some time together and make some memories.
  • Learn how to interact with other players in real time: Other gamers and racers will react differently than you, so playing against and with other people can help you learn how to always beat them or adapt to their behavior so that your own technique is better and stronger a result.
  • Can be a great bonding exercise: Playing with or against other players is a fun bonding exercise, though it can be negative if the other player is especially good or they are a poor sport in case of losing. Bonding is important between real-life and virtual friends, so this is important.

Which is better?

            The reality is that one is no better or worse than the other.  It simply comes down to figuring out what your goals are and how you can best get there.  Both have significant advantages to them, so the goal becomes understanding which one is best for you and why it’s considered to be the best.

            Whichever you choose, both solo and team competition in racing or games deserves a role in your competition-based life!

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