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Q: How can these reflective gear make a difference to my safety?

A: When doing exercise or any outdoor activity, one of the first things that come to mind is safety. Safety includes making sure nothing interferes during your outdoor activities. The only way to know such info or any info regarding an outdoor safety product would be from someone who experienced its usage. Therefore, we are collecting details and data from our customers to pass over to future customers to be more informative regarding the Clinch Star outdoor products and functionalities. 

Reflective belts and vests are a preference for each customer specifically. Some find it annoying to have reflective straps running over your shoulder, while others find that safety is more critical than comfortability. Others feel that the belt set alone with the reflective bands is sufficient. For example, a customer had a 25″ waist, of which the reflective vest was a drop too big. Therefore, he went to a sewing machine and, with a few stitches, made it fit him like a glove. While another customer mentioned, “The waistband does ride up a bit while I’m running, but I don’t even notice it anymore. So I left the waist adjustment slightly loose to minimize the riding up.” Others mentioned that they use this set while running at night and did say as well, “Basic reflectors can be annoying to wear at times and only assist you to be visible. However, with its zippered pocket in the back and a removable bottle holder, this set allows me to use it for walking, running, or exercising.”