The year 2023 has been one that is full of change.  Some good days and bad days. Everything seems to be changing right in front of our eyes, and it means that all of those important things that were crucial to our day-to-day lives, are now not so easy. Sports are one of the biggest things to be compromised with the new social distancing and shelter in place rules that we must follow as a society.  But, sports are important for many, many reasons that are often far from obvious. Here are some of the highlights as to why they should be made a priority even with the risks new to 2023.

  • Sports encourage better academic development: While there are some who don’t know this, there is a strong connection between playing sports and excelling in school. Sports teach you focus, motivation and determination through hard work, all traits that are important in school work. Since these uncertain times mean that many children are being forced to learn in environments that are unfamiliar and distracting, having these characteristics to rely on can be helpful in making the transition as safe as possible.

  • Sports can keep you physically healthy: From table tennis to swimming to hockey, sports are great at helping you keep in physical shape. From training matches to practices to actual games for competitive points, sports are a great part of physical health. While social distancing is in place, sports can help get kid and adults out and training their bodies instead of being couch potatoes and putting their health at risk.

  • Sports reduce stress: There is no doubt that these times are filled with uncertainty, worry and stress. Sports have clinically proven to reduce stress and pressure in children, adolescents and adults. Since we’re all searching for a productive way to ease our worries and bring our stress levels down, sports can offer a whole lot of comfort and stress relief while still being entirely productive.

  • Sports teach teamwork and collaboration: Last but not least, sports are all about teamwork. In a present world where teamwork is now considered dangerous, as is collaboration in schools and even family situations, sports are going to be one of the safest and best ways to help little ones and adults learn about why team work and collaboration matter.

            Sure, there are very important things going on in 2023 right now that really cause us to hesitate in many of our recreational activities. But, sports can have all sorts of advantages that will make a noticeable impact in our lives and help us to cope with a lot of those uncertainties in both physical ways as well as emotional and mental ways. While sports may not be at the forefront of anyone’s mind right now, there’s no doubt that they should have a role in the remainder of 2023 and that they should be made a priority when it comes to helping everyone move through this new world and its challenges.

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