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Q: How to utilize race bibs to the fullest?

A: Clinch Stars running bibs generally are worn for marathons or running events. However, we want our customers to understand other functionalities and additional features incorporated into the Clinch Star race bibs. Therefore we are constantly gathering information from our valuable customers since they are the experts. They know the product better and are coming up with more innovative ideas on how they can benefit you. Therefore, we will continue to add to this article to provide more insights regarding running bibs.

About the running bib:

Running bibs are produced with heavy-duty Tyvek material, not flimsy, water-resistant, and robust. They are precisely the same type of material bib used during marathon races as a customer mentioned that they ran over 60 races and these bibs are precisely the type used during each race. They can withstand a lot of movement and any sweat or wetness that can affect the bibs. Customers have been using these running bibs multiple times, while during that time, it rained, and the material was still strong.

Using running bibs:

These race numbers can be used for talent auditions and even used for dance competitions, as was noted by a customer “They withstood swing dancing and sweat (so they became very wet) and still stayed on the competitors.” At the same time, another said, “They laid perfectly on the dancers and didn’t flap around as they were moving. They also didn’t tear at all.“ While another mentioned its usages during dance auditions, “They are huge and bright, to where you can see them at a distance.” 

Many say it doesn’t affect movement made during production or a tournament. For example, many use these race bib numbers for volleyball games and baseball tryouts or through a regular baseball game. 

Some plan a 5k charity run or office run and even those with a 5k fire department run.  

Some customers used them for bike racing and said they worked just right. They also mentioned its size and sturdiness were perfect. It seems that almost any sport or event can benefit from these running bibs. For example, it was used during hockey tryouts and didn’t tear after multiple days of usage. 

Q: What functionalities and specialties are in the stopwatch?

A: All stopwatches have slightly different functionality of which can differ from others. The same applies to the Clinch Star stopwatch, which provides a different experience to users than other sports stopwatches. We continuously receive feedback and additional information from valuable users; therefore, we would like to pass it on to current and future users.

Customers use the stopwatch whistle set for their own innovative needs. For example, some mentioned that they teach fitness classes, and it works great for them as they noted, “It is easy to operate, the whistle is clear and loud and love the bright color.” They also mentioned that the bright color makes it “almost impossible to lose.” In addition, a swimming coach related that having the stopwatch and whistle on the same lanyard means “I have it available without having to dig out another strand.”
While someone else mentioned that their nephew is “super into sports and competitive and loves having a timer and whistle to make up a game at any time.”
It seems clear that this stopwatch and loud whistle set are multipurpose and used in all settings.