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Q: Which award ribbon is best for my event?
A: Award ribbons are used to award various individuals to win a competition or tournament or do exceptional at their job. However, getting the right one can sometimes be challenging and confusing when seeking that appropriate ribbon or award. Before making any purchase, you may sometimes have this thought in your mind of which you want to call the one who just purchased that item to ask them a quick question about the product they just ordered. But that is an unknown of whom that is. Therefore, we collect information from the experts themselves, our customers, and their thoughts on these award ribbons. For example, what type of event did they use it for, what kind of setting was it used, and how did that work out? We will be providing valuable information regarding each ribbon as the information becomes known to us. Flat Place Ribbons: Teachers find that positive reinforcement plays a significant role in their success. As we heard from one teacher, “Spreading the top accolades not just to the first three, but extending to five winners is smart.”. Additionally, it only adds to the award when you provide a personal note to the student about their success. In addition, customers like the enclosed card that keeps track of all your awardees and any additional information you would like to record regarding the awards presented. Others use these ribbons for competitions, family reunions, spelling bees, fairs, carnivals at libraries, or field days. We find that people like it since they are well priced and in addition to that they look very sharp and work just as well as awarding medals and trophies.